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It’s Not About You

If you really want to build true accountability in your school, then you must commit to strategic conversations with teachers. I believe that. But, as I continue to discover in my own work on school boards and some of the schools I serve, practicing what I preach is pretty hard. It is a lot easier to avoid […]

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What If A Teacher Is Unwilling To Change?

A few years ago, I had just started working with a new school. On my first day in the building, I asked the principal Mr. Dawes to take me on a walkthrough so that I could see the range of teaching happening in the building. Mr. Dawes took me to several classrooms and then I […]

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What If You Have A Personality Difference With A Teacher?

Are there some people you tend to click with while others just get on your nerves? Do you find it easier to motivate some people while others resist you…every…step…of…the…way? You may chalk it up to personality conflicts but there is something much more basic going on. It has to do with something I call Will Drivers. You […]

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Why Traditional Accountability Doesn’t Work

Okay, here’s another embarrassing story about when I first became an administrator. I only ask that you remember how naïve I was back then and please be kind. When I was a new administrator and eager to make an impact on the teaching and learning at my school.  I thought that in order to exercise my […]

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Helping Teachers Take Ownership Over Their Own Practice

There is a difference between traditional accountability and TRUE accountability. The best way I can explain it is that it’s kind of like the difference between a renter and an owner. You see, a renter lives in a home they do not own. Thus, they cannot paint a wall, adjust a light fixture, or make major repairs […]

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Working with a difficult teacher? There is hope.

A little over a year ago, I took a workshop from a woman named Annie Pratt. Annie is a seasoned CEO who trains business owners on how to build and maintain highly productive teams. She’s amazing and I love learning from her. On the second day of the workshop, Annie introduced us to a tool she […]

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How To Find Time To Get Into More Classrooms

If you’re like me, finding time to get into classrooms is a real struggle. You’ve read all the time management tips and hacks out there… You’ve tried to “put the big rocks first” and block off time in your schedule… You’ve set ambitious goals such as “get into 5 classrooms per day…” And each day, something comes up that […]

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How To Know Exactly What Feedback To Give Every Single Time

Have you ever gone into a classroom where the instruction was soooo bad, you weren’t sure where to start? Me too. In fact, I used to really struggle to give teachers – particularly struggling teachers – meaningful feedback, especially when there was so much about their practice that needed work. How do you give struggling teachers feedback that […]

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