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How We Help Principals & School Administrators

School administrators work on their professional development at Builder's Lab

Resources for Principals, Directors of Instruction, and Other Administrators

Build a successful school in the next 3 years with existing people and resources.

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Ready to Reimagine Your School With Buildership®?

In true Builder style, we invite you as a principal, assistant principal, assistant superintendent, or other school or district administrator to start your Buildership® journey today. If you’re ready to get off the leadership hamster wheel and start seeing real success in your school, here’s what you need to do next.

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A community for principals, asst. principals and district administrators that includes courses, connections, & coaching.

Buildership University

Hear What Other School Administrators Have to Say

Hear what our clients have to say about working with Robyn Jackson at Builder's Lab and within Buildership® University, 

On Buildership® U.: "The sprints are amazing!"

"It was a group of like-minded people who were sharing and energized, and positively feeding back."

Kevin Taylor, Vice Principal

Wellington Heights Secondary School, Ontario, Canada

On Builder's Lab: "What it did for me was bring more focus."

"At Builder's Lab, it felt like a culmination of all these things I had learned in different places but [hadn't before] been able to put together in a... roadmap."

Carly Magora, Associate Principal

Private School - Brooklyn, NY

On Buildership® U.: "It's been great."

"My favorite part of Buildership® University is the connections I've made... and learning from people all over the world."

Erica Dobson, Principal 

Arts Impact Middle School, Columbus, OH

More Buildership® Resources 

The Buildership® Model helps you as a principal or school administrator achieve your vision for your school in the next 3 years with the people and resources you already have. To get started download one or both of our free guides.

Overcome a Toxic School Culture by Creating School Core Values (Free Guide) 

Learn how to spot the early warning signs of toxicity, and how to assess and revisit your school core values.

Grow Your Teachers (Free Guide)

Grow your teachers’ will and skill and avoid the hidden traps at every stage of your school’s development with this free guide.

Contact Us: School Reinvention Is a Phone Call Away

Want to speak with a Mindsteps® Team Member? We’ll walk you step by step through how we can help your school or district.