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With our online learning courses, you can take a deep dive into a topic you want to learn more about.

With each course you'll get:

4 Online Training Modules 

A new training will be available each week for the first four weeks. Once the training is available you will access to it anytime so that you can listen to it over and over again.

Access to a private user portal with all the tools, templates, and structures.

A Content Vault with over 30+ additional resources, strategies, templates, tools and exemplars.

Lifetime Access 

Throughout your career your circumstances will change so we give you access so that you can return to the course over and over again. 

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Get more training on how to give teachers powerful ONE thing Feedback that hones in on the root cause of their success or failure in the classroom and gets them focused on doing the RIGHT work to improve their practice.

Discover how to address both instructional and non-instructional issues in a way that helps teachers take ownership and responsibility for their own improvement in this four-week on-line program.