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We Help You Turn Your School Into a Success Story

As a School Administrator, you are under a lot of pressure to improve your school. But, not everyone in your school has the will or skill to make your vision a reality.

Mindsteps helps schools and school systems just like you alleviate that pressure and build a great school with the teachers and resources you already have.

With our simple 4-step process, we help you get everyone willing and able to support your vision for your school. No more push-back. No more resistance.

You don't have to wait to achieve your vision.

Turn your school into a success story right now.

Here are several ways we can help you build a successful school.

You don’t have time to waste on another boring training.

That’s why we offer practical, interactive, hands-on professional development customized to your school or district full of strategies you can implement right away.


Get weekly training from Robyn Jackson for FREE on the School  Leadership Reimagined Podcast. 

Turn your commute into your own personal PD experience with immediately actionable tips to help you solve your biggest school challenges.

Live Events

Changing Teacher Skill and Will is hard. 

That’s why Builders from all over the world come to Builder’s Lab. In just 3 days, you’ll get clear on your core values, mission, and vision, and chart your own pathway to success for your school.


Learn at your own pace with Robyn Jackson.

Become a part of our Community of Builders and surround yourself with smart, focused people just like you who are working together to turn their schools into success stories one step at a time.


Check out our extensive collection of resources.

From resources for teachers to resources for administrators, you’ll have everything you need to build a better school. 


Get practical insights, tools, and strategies you can use right away.

From articles on how to support struggling students, rigor, differentiation, and motivation to articles on how to provide teachers will feedback, support, accountability, and culture, you’ll find a range of quick tips you can implement right away.

Imagine being free to focus on your vision and build a better school.

Schedule a call to develop a plan that focuses on your vision.

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Schedule a call to develop a plan to get refocused on your vision and build something better.