Oct 17

Great Expectations

Expectations , Teaching

I mean, not many people will argue with the idea that “all children can learn.”And yet…Do you ever secretly worry sometimes that maybe there are some students who can’t learn or at least can’t succeed at high levels?Have you ever met a student in whom it was difficult to believe?I bet if we’re honest, we’ve […]

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Oct 10

A Tale of Two Teachers

Expectations , Teaching

I want to tell you a story about two teachers. Both were my professors my first semester in graduate school.Both teachers were brilliant researchers and writers, both were highly engaging teachers, and both were likable human beings.And, I was failing both of their classes.It wasn’t that I wasn’t trying. I worked really hard, attended class, […]

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May 16

Mastery Takes Time

New Teacher

You won’t be a master teacher on your first day, or your first week, or even your first year. You will have moments that are masterful, but true mastery is consistent and seamless. It takes time to get there.Don’t let that discourage you.​You were probably a good student yourself and are used to “getting” things […]

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May 02

Bad Advice


All of us can use a little advice. But there is a lot of bad advice out there. Below are the top 5 worst pieces of advice given to teachers we’ve heard.Bad Advice # 1: You Need a Teaching Make-Over. Whenever you struggle in one area of your teaching, it is tempting to attempt a […]

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