Oct 18

Rigor Triggers Part II


In my previous post, I shared my secret to planning interesting, engaging, meaningful learning experiences for my students that I can’t wait to teach.Oh yeah, They also helped cut my lesson planning time in half.I call them Rigor Triggers and in this article, I’m going to share with you what Rigor Triggers are and how […]

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Oct 11

Rigor Triggers


Can I admit something to you?Years ago, in my early years of teaching, my district shifted to a more standards-based approach to lesson design.Whereas before, I would simply use those old blue planning books (remember those?) to map out my lessons, now I was required to use a lesson planning template and actually submit my […]

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Oct 02

How To Find Time To Get Into More Classrooms


If you’re like me, finding time to get into classrooms is a real struggle.You’ve read all the time management tips and hacks out there…You’ve tried to “put the big rocks first” and block off time in your schedule…You’ve set ambitious goals such as “get into 5 classrooms per day…”And each day, something comes up that […]

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Sep 20

How To Help Struggling Students Catch Up And Keep Up Even If They Are Unmotivated, Don’t Do Homework, And Won’t Come In For Extra Help.

Struggling Students

One of the main reasons students struggle in school is that they do not do their work.Period.So what do you do with students who are unmotivated, won’t turn in their homework, won’t come in for extra support, and won’t access any of the supports you’ve put into place for them?This was my struggle about mid-way […]

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