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Fed Up with Traditional Leadership Tactics that just don't work?

Transform Your Entire Staff
into Master Teachers with
my Proven, 4-Part Framework

Dear Instructional Leader,

If you ever want to reach your vision for your school, you have to get EVERY teacher moving in the right direction.

But it’s not easy, is it?

Are you tired of making baby steps and want to see real, consistent progress toward your goals?

Do you long to do something bigger and make a real difference at your school?

Are you wondering how to get your school unstuck?

As a former middle-school administrator and master teacher – and now an educational consultant who helps school districts around the world transform their educators into master teachers - I can relate.

If you want to maintain the current status quo, leadership is fine. But if you want to do more, if you want to transform your school, ...

...Leadership won't get you there.

It isn't enough. You need something more.

Using one-size-fits-all scripts and generic leadership frameworks, as most courses teach, means accepting that a portion of your teachers won’t get the support they need – a move that is guaranteed to hinder your students’ and school’s performance.

Discover a new model 

that helps you build MASTER TEACHERS

and TRANSFORM your school

Buildership helps you develop your own signature approach - one that gets teachers inspired by your vision, motivated to do the hard work, and accountable to do their part to move your school forward. 

My 3-day, hands-on intensive The Builder's Lab - Using Feedback, Accountability, Support, and Culture to build Master Teachers and Transform Your School helps you make the shift from being a leader to become a BUILDER and will enable you to:

  • Leverage your evaluation process to move every teacher up at least one level in a targeted area every year
  • Deliver feedback efficiently, concisely and clearly...so you meet the your evaluation requirements, navigate tough conversations with ease, and get teachers excited about achieving the next level of instructional success
  • Develop a differentiated support plan that will empower each teacher to improve while also holding them accountable to do so
  • Motivate every teacher (even those who are disengaged) to act on your feedback, be accountable for improving, and take ownership over their own practice
  • Implement a proven process to overcome toxic culture and get every teacher moving toward your school goals

We're not talking about tiny tweaks or incremental improvement here. We're talking about a process that can dramatically transform your school. 

Thank You

This was a really valuable intensive. Your practical knowledge and advice is empowering. What you’ve put together is innovative and much needed! Hearing the practical examples and having the info clearly laid out with opportunities to practice was the best part.

What You'll Learn

    At the Builder's Lab, we will teach you step by step:

    • How to give feedback in a way that teachers actualy hear and act on without feeling awkward and uncertain - you will know exactly what and how to say it
    • The 4 types of feedback and how to strategically use each type to help teachers quickly improve - reduce push-back and hurt feelings in the process 
    • How to use the Failsafe Feedback Framework to hold teachers accountable and 4 different ways to follow up with your teachers to make sure they stay accountable all while building on your relationship and improving your culture 
    • How to move teachers from the Victim Loop where they make excuses, rationalize failures and blame others to the Accountability Loop where they take ownership, work proactively towards solutions, and ultimately feel empowered to give their best to students every day
    • The powerful Story Framework you can use to get your teachers inspired, motivated, and energized to do the work
    • 8 unique opportunities to support every teacher - and why it is critical to differentiate your support if you want to see results
    • How to create momentum that keeps your teachers motivated, doing the right work, and seeing results at every stage of the process
    • How to leverage your personal Buildership Style to reach more teachers - you'll not only understand the strengths and weaknesses of your own style, but also learn how to feed your own motivation while motivating others.

    Gain Hands-On Experience and
    Create Your Personal Action Plan in the Sessions

    The best part ... 

    ... of the Intensive was to hear, see, and practice the convergence of will/skill, differentiated feedback, and how I can apply all of this towards Teacher/Admin growth.

      Why You Should Attend

      The Builder's Lab is designed specifically for principals, assistant principals, Central Office staff, team leaders or instructional coaches.
      If you’re:

      • Overwhelmed by the new evaluation standards and wondering how you’ll possibly fit everything into your already-busy schedule
      • Frustrated by teachers who resent and resist your efforts to help them improve (or even refuse to acknowledge that they could improve)
      • Tired of making slow progress towards your vision and sick of petty distractions in your school culture that derail your momentum towards school goals. 
      • Fed up with jumping through hoops to get your teachers to consistently more forward towards your school vision (after all, you’re the leader and responsible for your school’s performance – shouldn’t they just do what you say?)

      The Builder's Lab will help you:

      • Identify and provide feedback that’s easy to implement – and that will lead to measurable improvements in teacher performance (the goal is to get teachers to move up at least one level on your evaluation instrument in a targeted area each year).
      • Help teachers become accountable and take ownership over their own practice (instead of you having to always stay on top of them to get them to move). 
      • Confidently handle difficult conversations with your chronic problem teachers
      • Overcome toxic cultures and help everyone get actively and enthusiastically involved in moving the vision forward.
      • Help experienced teachers cope with the frustration, disappointment and hurt of not achieving the highest standards … and open themselves to the feedback that will help them regain the highest feedback marks
      • Diagnose the real causes of dissatisfaction and demotivation in your struggling teachers … and identify the best ways to re-engage them in the joys of teaching

      Hear what our past attendees say:

      Excellent, excellent, excellent...

      ...This intensive experience far exceeded the description and therefore was even greater than I expected. The small group setting allowed for interaction. Hands on, take away training that I can implement immediately.

      What You Receive

      As a participant of The Builder's Lab, you'll receive:

      1. 3 Days of instruction
        You'll learn the Four Disciplines of Buildership - Feedback, Accountability, Support, and Culture, plus get plenty of time to practice those skills in our hands-on, interactive sessions. 
      2. The Builder's Blueprint, a 90+-page participant handbook that contains exemplars, templates, planning guides, cheat sheets and tools.
      3. NEW Implementation Lab 
        We'll be there to give you the support and coaching you need to put what you learn into action right away. By the time you return to school, you will have already checked off several things on your to do list.
      4. Micro-slicing
        Our most popular session where you'll learn how to cut past all the noise and quickly laser in on the ONE thing that has the biggest impact on your teacher's performance.
      5. 4 Differentiated Feedback Templates
        Learn how to match your feedback to teachers' needs and practice conducting the Four Types of Feedback Conversations so that you have them down pat by the time you return to school. 
      6. Will Driver Code-Switching Technique
        Learn how to overcome objections, motivate reluctant teachers, and make your feedback utterly irresistible.
      7. Surefire Support Cheat Sheet
        Use this tool to take the guesswork out of teacher follow-up and learn how to easily differentiate the support you give teachers. 
      8. Transforming Your Culture
        Our patented tool to help you systematically change your school culture and transform your school in as little as 18 months.
      9. Bonus Session In this powerful evening session, get the Failsafe Feedback Framework to help you easily hold teachers accountable without dealing with pushback, hurt feelings, or excuses.
      10. Complimentary Meals – Breakfast (for those staying in the host hotel) and lunch every day, as well as complimentary snacks throughout the day.

      The regular tuition for The Builder's Lab 2018 is a modest $897 per person. When you consider that you’ll walk out of the room having mastered a proven formula for creating differentiated teacher feedback, holding teachers accountable, and supporting teachers, as well as a step-by-step action plan for overcoming toxicity and transforming your culture once you return to school, you’ll likely agree that $897 a person is a bargain compared with your potential return on investment.

      An Investment that will Produce
      Results the Rest of Your Career

      So join us for three days of instruction, coaching, and support to develop your leadership plan and start building Master Teachers!

      Purchase Orders Accepted

      Top Notch PD...

      – extremely professional, high-impact, great pacing, high-interest, energizing and interactive. Robyn walks the walk and talks the talk – she knows and understands her content and delivers it effectively. This by far has been a valuable experience and well run event. I feel confident and I am better prepared to support and build my teacher’s expertise. The knowledge and content I gained as well as strategies and techniques to support, build, collaborate, and communicate effective feedback to teachers was the best part.

      When and Where

      The Builder's Lab 3-Day Intensive will take place January 29-31, 2018, at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel in Arlington, VA. This luxurious hotel is part of the Marriott® family and the location makes it easy to explore the Nation's Capitol and charming shops, restaurants and top historic, cultural attractions in Virginia and Washington, D.C. 

      We’ve negotiated a discounted room rate for you to stay at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View. You’ll receive a special discount code via email once you’ve successfully registered for the Builder's Lab. To qualify for this discounted rate of $110 per night, you must reserve your room by January 8, 2018. (Hotel reservations are your responsibility and are not included with your Builder's Lab tuition. Rooms are available on a first come first serve basis and fill up fast, so register now.)

      In addition to the discounted rate, we’ve also arranged a complimentary shuttle to and from Ronald Reagan National Airport by request. Details on securing your shuttle reservation will be provided after you register for the Builder's Lab.

      Excellent Workshop!

      Robyn being open and sharing several stories enabled me to have light bulb moments. Her honest and open approach as a facilitator forced the participants to trust her and her research. The theme of being ‘selfish’ and to challenge her to meet your expected outcome was awesome.

      With all that’s on your plate, it’s frustrating and stressful to have your evaluation requirements be raised and expanded. It seems impossible to find the time to perform the frequent, detailed evaluations sessions that are now required.

      Slow Down to Speed Up

      Carving out time to attend Builder's Lab may seem equally insurmountable. But ultimately, the 4-part process you learn during the course will:

      • Enable you to conduct evaluations more efficiently, saving you time
      • Provide more effective feedback, accountability, and support, so you see measurable improvements in teacher performance in less time
      • Quickly and effectively deal with natural feelings of frustration, disappointment, and anger triggered by teachers resist your improvement efforts and threaten to drag your team down
      • Handle tricky conversations with more skill and grace, resulting in less time-consuming drama and second-guessing
      • Overcome the toxic elements of your culture that slow down your progress and build momentum toward your school goals.

      We firmly believe that every teacher has the potential
      to become a Master Teacher.

      The question is … are you willing to learn how to customize your feedback to ensure that every teacher on your team gets the guidance he or she needs to achieve mastery?

      If you’re ready to skillfully navigate tough feedback conversations with your most challenging teachers ...

      If you’re ready to engage and inspire teachers to rediscover their commitment to teaching and self-improvement …

      If you’re ready to provide the customized, specific support that your teachers need to do their best work …

      Dedicated to your success, 

      Robyn R. Jackson, Ph.D.

      Creator, Builder's Lab​

      P.S.: Registration will close by January 8, 2018.

       You’ll be thrilled with your decision to attend Builder's Lab or you won’t pay.

      All we ask is that you attend the entire first day of the Builder's Lab. If you don’t agree that this is hands-down the most thorough and useful intensive you’ve ever ​attended for learning how to build master teachers, just return your course materials and receive a prompt refund of your entire tuition.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q: I’ve taken other courses on feedback and haven’t found them to be helpful with my difficult teachers. How is your course different?

      A: Most evaluation courses provide generic frameworks and one-size-fits-all scripts. The problem, as you’ve experienced, is that teachers come in all combinations of motivation and skill … which means generic solutions won’t work for some of your teachers.

      Builder's Lab teaches you a step-by-step process for differentiating your feedback for all of the individuals you oversee.

      You’ll learn how to guide everyone from novices to 30-year-veterans … from teachers who are constantly seeking new ways to improve to those who seemed burned out and counting the days until retirement. The feedback you give will be welcomed, listened to and acted upon. (You may even get a sincere thank you for your efforts!)

      Q: How long will it take to implement your system when I get back to school?

      A: You can begin implementing as soon as you return. Throughout the workshop, you’ll develop an action plan that you can put to work your first day back at school. You’ll also participate in several hands-on practice sessions, where you rehearse what you’ll say to your most challenging teachers. We've also added an Implementation Lab where you can get a head start with implementation with our coaching and support even before you return to your school. 

      Q: How will Builder's Lab help me with my “problem” teachers?

      A: Problem teachers have potential. You simply have to discover what motivates them … leverage that motivator to engage, excite and empower them to take proactive steps to improve their performance … and offer the right strategies for where they are skill-wise. Builder's Lab will show you how to diagnose and leverage these motivators, as well as customized your feedback based on a teacher’s skill. Plus, we'll show you specific things you can do to overcome toxicity in your culture so that you can confidently move all your teachers towards school goals. 

      As a result, rather than resisting you and counting the days until summer break (and retirement), your problem teachers will rediscover their love of teaching – and their passion for delivering their very best

      Q: I can’t attend on these dates. When is the next time you’ll be holding this course?

      A: The only Builder's Lab scheduled at this time is January 29-31, 2018. We strongly encourage you to do whatever it takes to be there. The longer you allow low-skilled, unmotivated teachers to work without correcting their performance, the more you endanger your school’s culture and performance – and the more likely you are to lose your best teachers to better-performing schools.

      Q: What if I have to cancel?

      A: If you cancel 30+ days before the event, you’ll receive a refund of 75% of your registration fee. If you cancel 15 to 29 days before the event, you’ll receive a 50% refund. No refund will be given for cancellations received 15 days or less before the event. All cancellations must be received in writing. You may transfer your registration to another instructional leader from your school district at any time.