Rethink Your School: Stop Leading and Start Building

We help principals and district administrators get off “the hamster wheel of school improvement” and turn your school into a success story in 3 years or less with the people and resources you already have.


  • Are you spending all your time putting out fires instead of doing what's important?
  • Is it hard to get teachers to feel a real sense of urgency?
  • Do your teachers suffer from “initiative fatigue”?
  • Do your school improvement plans fizzle out mid year?
  • Are you and your teachers feeling overwhelmed, stretched really thin, or burned out?
  • Is your team working really hard, but not making much progress?
  • Do you feel pulled in a thousand directions?
  • Are a small group of resistant teachers keeping you from your goals?

How Do We Help BUILD A BETTER School?

Here’s exactly how we help you achieve your vision for your school in the next 3 years with the people and resources you already have:


Clarify Your Purpose

We help you create a bold vision for your school that includes 100% of your students. We also help you craft a clear mission and a set of non-negotiable core values that 100% of your entire staff supports to keep everyone engaged.


Grow Your People

We help you overcome will and skill issues that keep your teachers from being willing or able to pursue your school vision with passion. Then we help you put specific systems in place that help you grow the will and skill of your staff until everyone is committed. 


Chart Your Pathway

There is no one-size-fits-all success path. We’ll help you determine your unique pathway to achieving your vision and help you let go of work that prevents you from achieving your goals. That way you can focus on the work that will achieve your vision.


Execute Your Plan

We’ll help you build a solid plan for achieving your vision including our 90-day plan to ensure that you stay on track and revisit your goals. Plus, we’ll show you how to manage distractions so that you can keep making progress even when “life” gets in the way.

Ready to MAKE YOUR School a SUCCESS sTORY? 

We’ll help you tackle those challenges head on and get you more familiar with our Buildership® model.

Join Buildership® University

Our online learning and community membership is designed for principals, and  other school and district administrators.  

Why Buildership® and Why Mindsteps®?

At Mindsteps®, we believe that school improvement isn’t just about making tiny, incremental gains each year. Real school improvement means achieving a measurable goal for 100% of your students in 3 years or less. While leadership training teaches you to write small goals like “in 3 years we will increase reading proficiency from 35% to 40%” we know that all that really means is that in 3 years you are planning to only fail 60% of your students instead of the 65% you are failing now. Buildership® helps you set and achieve meaningful goals. Thus, Buildership® teaches you to write goals like “in 3 years, 100% of our students will be reading at proficient or above” and then gives you the tools and the support you need to actually realize that vision in the next 3 years with the people and resources you currently have. If you’re ready to stop settling for incremental gains or running in place and never achieving your goals, we invite you to stop leading and start building.

"In order to achieve real transformation,

      you must improve teacher skill AND will."

Robyn Jackson

President/CFO Mindsteps Inc.


Hear what our clients have to say about working with Robyn Jackson at Builder's Lab and within Buildership® University, 

On Buildership® U.: "The sprints are amazing!"

"It was a group of like-minded people who were sharing and energized, and positively feeding back."

Kevin Taylor, Vice Principal

Wellington Heights Secondary School, Ontario, Canada

On Builder's Lab: "What it did for me was bring more focus."

"At Builder's Lab, it felt like a culmination of all these things I had learned in different places but [hadn't before] been able to put together in a... roadmap."

Carly Magora, Associate Principal

Private School - Brooklyn, NY

On Buildership® U.: "It's been great."

"My favorite part of Buildership® University is the connections I've made... and learning from people all over the world."

Erica Dobson, Principal 

Arts Impact Middle School, Columbus, OH

On Builder's Lab: "A huge turning point for me."

"If we believe our students can and will succeed if given the right support, then we have to believe that of our teachers."  

Sue Forbes, Principal

Kahalui Elementary School - Maui, HI

Most of us were trained to improve teacher skill, but very few of us learned how to move teacher will. If you want to achieve your vision, you need to know how to do both.

Robyn Jackson

President/CFO Mindsteps Inc.

You don't have to wait to achieve your vision.

You can turn your school into a success story right now WITH the teachers and students you have.

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