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Truly Engaging, Interactive Professional Development

Tired of the same old claims of customized, interactive workshops only to sit through yet another three-hour lecture of canned content?

We understand.

We can’t stand those either. 

As former teachers and administrators, we’ve sat in your seat and suffered through endless hours of consultants telling us how we’re doing it all wrong and their way is better.

Mindsteps’ professional development workshops are different.

Really. Our workshops are truly engaging. 

We show teachers and administrators how to apply the 7 Principles of Effective Instruction  and the 4 Disciplines of Buildership to ultimately help students thrive. Then we work together on your specific situations so your questions are answered on the spot and you leave with the ability to make immediate change.

We focus on identifying and addressing the underlying causes of your instructional challenges—not just putting a Band-Aid on the symptoms and effects of struggling students, mismanaged classrooms or cumbersome new curriculum. 

We don’t just provide quick fixes for current situations. 

The strategies we teach set educators up for success year after year—for every student in every class regardless of the latest state mandate or testing model.

Participants in our workshops tell us that our sessions are impactful not just on their current class and situation, but on their entire teaching career. We make professional development an engaging, inspiring experience that educators look forward to and enjoy.

Professional Development Workshops for Educational Leaders and Administrators:

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