Teacher and Educator Resources to Support Struggling Students

Supporting Struggling Students: Making New Connections, Developing a Path Toward Achievement

Have you ever looked at a struggling student and asked — “Could something have been done to steer this child in a different direction?”

“Were there red flags?”

“Are the preventative strategies strong enough to fight off looming struggle?”

The answers — yes, yes and yes.

You’ll take comfort in our preventative, proactive and positive approach to engaging struggling students. All too often, programs swing into high gear after students hit rock bottom. Our approach not only stops struggle from occurring in the first place, but also enables struggling students to get back on track faster.

Classroom Resources
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Struggling-Students-with-framHow to Support Struggling Students focuses on ways to intervene effectively with students who show signs of struggle. This practical guide offers self-assessment resources, worksheets, checklists, summaries, tips and links to online resources that can be used by individual teachers, for learning with colleagues and for empowering your school team.

Workshops and Keynote Presentations
Prefer an in-person, interactive experience? Turn to us to conduct a workshop at your school. We train teachers and administrators how to identify red flags and develop effective intervention plans. We offer a customizable Supporting Struggling Students workshop as well as in-depth three-part workshop series. We can also engage with your team through an inspirational keynote presentation at your next professional development day or district-wide conference.

Dr. Jackie Glasgow January 1, 2011

Thank-you for the great tools to use with teachers. The process of supporting students sometimes loses its fluidity and these tools will connect the gaps.

I was not able to access the Previewing Organizing Strategies worksheet. It states it is not available. Thank-you again.

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