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Motivating Reluctant Learner Resources

Motivation: Find New Inspiration, Inspire Your Students

We’ve all had those teachers we’ll never forget — the ones who encouraged us and pushed us to reach new heights. Chances are it wasn’t lollipops or stickers that did the trick.

At Mindsteps, we believe it’s possible to help all students, including the most reluctant and resistant learners, choose to invest in their learning. You already have the expertise you need to make a difference in your students’ lives. This library of practical resources is here for you to tweak your existing motivational strategies and to pick up a few new ones along the way.

Classroom Resources
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How to Motivate Reluctant Learners offers proven steps to remove barriers students face and to help them invest in the classroom in a meaningful way. The book draws from one of seven principles detailed in Never Work Harder than Your Students and Other Principles of Great Teaching.

Let Us Inspire New Motivation in Your Team
We understand that topics such as motivation can get pushed to the side in the daily grind. Book a workshop on the topic to help reignite the fire and inspire your team to do what they’re already doing—only better. We offer a customizable, in-depth workshop on motivation, as well as one on Classroom Currencies.

We can also deliver a motivation-themed keynote address at your upcoming conference, off-site meeting or in-service day.