MICRO-SLICING™ | Mindsteps Inc.


What is Micro-Slicing?

MICRO-SLICING™ is our proprietary observation protocol we teach school administrators to use when visiting classrooms.

We created MICRO-SLICING™ (and coined the term) as a response to the way school administrators are traditionally trained to do classroom observations, which was largely ineffective in helping principals identify the "one thing." 

MICRO-SLICING™ involves a specific set of steps administrators must take both in how they spend time in classrooms, how they collect information about those classrooms, and how they process that information to formulate their One Thing Feedback® to teachers.

We not only offer MICRO-SLICING™ workshops wherein we train school administrators, but we also offer MICRO-SLICING™ sessions in schools with the goal of achieving improvement in education through the dissemination of this methodology.