Resources for Teachers: How to Become A Master Teacher

Resources for the Master Teacher

Principles of Great Teaching: Become a Master Teacher

ANY teacher can become a master teacher with the right support and practice. It’s not a gift or only achievable by a select few.

You’re not going to find advice here to make drastic changes to your teaching style or to buy into a new set of strategies. At Mindsteps, we believe becoming a master teacher is all about your mindset and continuously building on what you’re already doing right.

We’ve developed 7 Principles of Effective Instruction to guide teachers in developing the mindset of a master teacher. The principles are simple yet powerful and include such steps as starting where your students are, expecting your students to reach goals and never working harder than your students.

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master teacherNever Work Harder Than Your Students & Other Principles of Great Teaching and the accompanying DVD which features real classroom scenes, reveal how any teacher can become a master teacher by applying the 7 Principles of Effective Instruction. You can learn more about these principles in the Mastering the Principles of Great Teaching how-to series.

Get a taste for the book by reading an inspiring excerpt:

Experience Mindsteps’ 7 Principles of Effective Instruction
Ready to fully experience the impact of applying Mindsteps 7 Principles of Effective Instruction in your school or district? Our full-day workshop helps teachers identify how to incorporate the seven principles directly into their classrooms and how to leverage them to resolve instructional challenges.

We can also deliver a keynote address at your upcoming conference, off-site meeting or in-service day on how applying our seven principles can make an immediate impact for teachers. Contact us today.