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Welcome to The Feedback Fast-Track Formula

You are now logged in and have access to the Feedback Fast-Track Formula in addition to the other free resources we offer.

To access the Feedback Fast-Track Formula training, click on the Module of your choice in the navigation bar under "Feedback Fast-Track Formula".

Remember, you will receive access to the modules in successive order on a  weekly basis for the first four weeks to give you time to work on what you've learned in the weekly training.

At the end of the four weeks you will have access to the Modules and resources every time you log in to revisit and master the techniques presented.

To get the most of this program we encourage you to make time daily to develop this skill so that you can actually change teachers' practice for the better and change the culture of your school.

We are here to help.

Should you encounter any problems along the way, reach out to us at info@mindstepsinc.com with your questions and we will do our best to get you the right answer.