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From Differentiation to Customization

The next step in effective differentiation

Want a way to help all your students meet or exceed the standards?

  •  Are you tired of your teachers complaining about creating what amounts to three different lessons for your high, average, and struggling students every time they differentiate?
  • Are you frustrated that you’ve invested all this work into training teachers on differentiation strategies and still not seen the results you want to see in your students?
  • Are your teachers confused by all the different messages about differentiation and are you looking for a simple solution that will help them reach all your students?

We hear you. Most differentiation workshops offer strategies take a lot of work for very little pay off.

But the extra work is only the beginning. Most differentiation strategies are so confusing and complicated, they are almost impossible to implement consistently and with true fidelity.

What if there were a more effective and less time consuming way to implement differentiation that will garner way better results for teachers and students?

That’s why we created the From Differentiation to Customization Workshop Series. We’ve helped thousands of teachers meet the learning needs of every student in their classroom by showing them:

  • The secret to differentiating using only one lesson or unit plan. This secret alone will save countless hours or prep time with amazing results for your students.
  • How to determine exactly what your students need. Teachers will learn how to quickly assess where your students are so that they can help each and every one master the standards.
  • Simple strategies to help your struggling students keep up with the lesson while helping your advanced students stay engaged. Teachers will learn how to make their lessons more accessible without “dumbing things down.”
  • How to move from differentiation, which puts all the work on teachers, to customization which empowers your students to take ownership over their own learning.
  • 3 simple ways to useassessments to facilitate differentiation. Your teachers will be amazed at how easy it is to make assessments meaningful to them and their students– even those mandated by a curriculum or state.

Here’s How From Differentiation to Customization Works

This 2-day workshop series can be 2 consecutive days or 2 days throughout the school year.

  • Day One:From Differentiation to Customization.What are the secrets to effective differentiation? Why is customization more effective? And how do you use these secrets to empower students to take some ownership over the differentiation process? Teachers will learn how during this highly interactive process. We’ll take teachers through our 5-step process for setting differentiated lessons and units, and show them how they can immediately apply what they have learned to their own lessons.
  • Day Two: Planning Differentiated Lessons and Units.Now that teachers understand how to customize their units, they will actually get to try it. During this hands-on workshop teachers will bring their materials and with the help of our coaches, plan differentiated lessons and units. They can use their own lesson or unit planning format or try one of ours. At the end of the day, they will walk out with fully differentiated lessons, assignments, and assessments they can use in their classroom tomorrow.

Which Workshop is Right for Me?

We recommend that you order the entire series. It’s the best way to help your team understand and implement differentiation effectively. But, you can also select just one day of the series to get your team started. You won’t get the full benefit of the program but you will get valuable tools and strategies you can immediately apply in your school.

How do I get started?

Ready to schedule one of these workshops at your school? You’re just steps away. Start by clicking here and following our simple 3 step process.

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