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Mistakes Happen

Every new school year, it starts. The new plans for the year, the resolutions, the excited feeling in the pit of my stomach. The beginning of school offers the ultimate do-over, the perpetual clean slate. I know the new year officially begins January 1, but for me, the new year begins the first day of […]

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Managing Your Paper Files

As educators, we handle a lot of paper over the course of the year. If we’re not careful, all that paper can be very overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help you better manage all that paper and stay organized. 1. Refuse to bring paper into your office. Many times we get paperwork in […]

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Hold On to Your “Why”

The teachers who stay in teaching, the teachers who become really great teachers are those that find and live their why. If you lose sight of why you want to teach, the challenges of teaching will overwhelm you. Your why will give you focus, it will give you energy on the days when you are […]

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Summer Professional Development – The “Non-traditional” List

Here are some non-tradional ways to invest in your development this summer: Work with people outside of your comfort zone – they may be a different population of students, adults instead of students, non-educators instead of professional peers.   Bone up on your content – learn about current applications of the content you teach, audit […]

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3Student Engagement Part I

I recently caught up with my dear friend and colleague Allison Zumuda at the ASCD Annual Conference. We got to talking about student engagement. Everyone says that they want to see more students actively engaged in their learning but few teachers or administrators really understand what true student engagement is or what it looks like. […]

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