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Lesson Planning Shouldn’t be Hard

Don’t you just hate it when you go to a workshop and learn a new technique, return home all excited to try it, only to find out that it won’t work with your curriculum, or your teaching style, or your district process? Me too. That’s why I work so hard to make sure that every […]

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Finding the Fun in the Common Core

 Although we originally stayed out of the Common Core conversation for fear that we would look like we were profiteering from this major initiative, many of the schools that we were currently working with asked us for help in making the shift to the Common Core. So we dived into understanding the standards and the […]

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Case Study: Rigor and the Common Core

This summer, John (Our Vice President) called one of our clients to schedule some workshops for the year. We’d worked with this particular school district for several years and were familiar with some of their needs, but as is always a part of our process, we asked them to share with us what their current […]

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Common Sense for the Common Core

There is a lot of fear mongering surrounding the Common Core Standards. As a result, many teachers and administrators are terrified that they will not be prepared to implement these standards by their 2014 deadline. What’s more, most Common Core training tends to make teaching the common core much more complicated than it has to […]

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Vocabulary Strategies

By: Shauna Brown Leung One of the challenges common to all teachers focused on increasing rigor in the classroom is getting students to master the vocabulary of the content. Teachers throughout the country tackle this feat by giving students lists of “key terms” to define for each unit. Some require flash cards, others ask students […]

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Case Study: Rigorous Unit Planning

Recently in one of our rigor workshop series, I worked with two teachers – Elise and Sylvia — who were planning a unit on Harriett Tubman for second-grade students. Prior to the workshop, these teachers had worked to plan a unit. Their unit appeared rigorous on the surface but they wanted to find ways to […]

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What is Rigor?

Whenever we deliver a rigor workshop, one of the first questions we get is “What is rigor?” While everyone agrees that rigorous instruction is important, few agree on what rigor is. In most cases, educators believe that they know rigor when they see it without really having a fully defined idea of what it looks […]

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PD Case Study: Rigor at Woodmont High

Because our professional development at Mindsteps™ is fully customizable, how schools implement our work looks different from school to school. While the concepts and principles are the same, how each gets implemented is highly individual to each teacher. Here is how one school has used our workshops  and materials on rigorous instruction* to create a school-wide focus […]

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