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5 Books You Should Be Reading This Summer

​Sometimes as educators, we go so immersed in the world of education that we miss out on the larger conversations going on around us. So each year, I search for non-education books that I believe have HUGE implications for the way we think about education and particularly our roles as Builders. This year’s list is a […]

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Your Biggest PD Challenge (so far…)

Recently, I asked you “When it comes to your own professional development, what is your single biggest challenge or frustration?” The responses ranged from finding the funding for your professional development classes, resources, and trainings to finding good PD that was actually relevant to your area of interest or your specific discipline or field. But the overwhelming […]

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Shiny Object Syndrome

I used aspire to have a wall full of bookshelves stuffed from floor to ceiling with volumes from multiple genres, authors, and time periods. I used to admire those who managed to read a book each week. I’ve always wanted to be “well read.” But, I found myself reading the same few books over and over. I’d […]

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What I Learned From Really Bad PD

When I was still in the school system, I sat through some really bad PD…Long, sit and get lectures. Folks reading slides to me…Silly activities that treated me like a 3rd grader…Irrelevant material…And on of my biggest pet peeves of all, my questions dying in the parking lot.Can you relate??But, as grueling and awful as […]

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The Rest of the Story

Read Part I of Millie’s story HERE When Millie told me that some of her “little darlings” would never be successful, I have to admit that I got angry. In fact, few things make me more angry than running up against low expectations for “those” kids or seeing a teacher cheat kids of the opportunity […]

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