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Mastery Takes Time

You won’t be a master teacher on your first day, or your first week, or even your first year. You will have moments that are masterful, but true mastery is consistent and seamless. It takes time to get there. Don’t let that discourage you. ​You were probably a good student yourself and are used to “getting” things […]

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Say “No” to False Urgency

“…the vast majority of the pressures you feel in your life are not from your emergencies; they are from other people putting their urgency on you…” ~Michael Book. One of the biggest sources of stress we face as educators is something I call false urgency. False urgency seems important. In fact, sometimes it seems like […]

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Are They Really That Lazy?

Recently, I was summoned for jury duty. During the voir dire proceedings, the judge reminded us that ours was a justice system based on presumed innocence. The burden of proof was not on the defendant, but on the state. That stuck with me not only because I am grateful for this provision in our legal […]

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Mindsteps Mentor: A New Student – Now?

Dear New Teachers, Congratulations on completing your sixth month of teaching. As you continue your excellent work with your students, you are seeing that teaching requires commitment, energy, and patience, especially as the school year progresses. I commend you for staying focused on your work and on your students’ growth as we move through the […]

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Mindsteps Mentor: Balancing the Halfway Point

Dear New Teachers, Congratulations on completing your fifth month of teaching. You have reached the half-way point in your first school year and have grown in many ways as a teacher and a person. You have demonstrated enthusiasm, dedication, perseverance, and patience in working with your students, and, as your mentor, I am proud to […]

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Mindsteps Mentor – Managing Colleagues

Dear New Teachers, Congratulations on completing your fifth month of teaching. We are all seeing limited daylight at this time of the year, and I know that you often leave school when it is already dark. I hope that you are seeing some daylight these days in your planning, instructing, and grading of student work. […]

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Mindsteps Mentor – Consider Your Future

Dear Teacher, Congratulations on completing your fourth month of teaching.  You are becoming more polished and confident as each month passes, and your enthusiasm and work ethic are evident as you continue to develop creative lessons and activities with opportunities for all of your students to succeed.  I know that you enjoyed a short break […]

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Mindsteps Mentor: Parents, Lesson Plans, Me Time…Oh my!

Dear New Teacher, You are off to a great start in your first month as a new teacher. When you greet your students by name at the door of your very inviting classroom you set a positive, welcoming tone for each student. Your motivating posters and inspirational quotes and messages, along with the important vocabulary […]

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