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Chicago Happens

One Monday morning not too long ago, I boarded a direct flight from Baltimore, MD to Chicago, Illinois. My plan was to land at Midway at 10:15 am, pick up my rental car, drive 20 minutes to a nearby school district, and begin a Differentiation Train-the-Trainers Workshop at 12:30 pm.   It was early, so I […]

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Practicing What I Preach

It’s been a pretty tough couple of weeks for me. Not only was I on the road for longer than usual, when I finally returned home, I was faced with a personal crisis for one of my family members. I won’t get into the details because they are beside the point. What I will share […]

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How to Persuade Anyone to Do Anything

Are you searching for ways to motivate others? Do you see blank stares in the faces of your students? Are you pushing your teachers to their limits and getting push-back? In this video, I talk about 3 very powerful ways to persuade anyone to do anything. These are not just random strategies. These are strategies […]

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Your Big “BUT”

Recently, I was conducting a workshop on rigor to a group of teachers. Throughout the two days, we unpacked their standards and developed a highly rigorous unit plan that they could immediately teach once they returned to school. The teachers struggled with this new way of thinking at first, but as they went through the […]

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