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What To Do When You Make a Bad Call.

Imagine you’re a football coach. You’ve made it to the Super Bowl and it’s the last 30 seconds of the game. Your team is behind by one touchdown and by some miracle, they’re currently on the one yard line positioned to score. It’s second down and goal, and everyone is looking to you to call […]

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Conducting Difficult Conversations

Many times when you are having a difficult conversation, the other person may attempt to derail the conversation and distract you from your point. If that happens, here are some strategies for getting the conversation back on track: We want to know… What strategies have you used to keep difficult conversations on track? Share them […]

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Dealing with Confrontation

I was reminded again a couple of weeks ago how much I HATE confrontation. Even though I have written extensively on how to have difficult conversations, there are still times when I have to have a difficult conversation or deal with someone who is angry with me or even address someone who has wronged me, […]

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Summer Professional Development – The “Non-traditional” List

Here are some non-tradional ways to invest in your development this summer: Work with people outside of your comfort zone – they may be a different population of students, adults instead of students, non-educators instead of professional peers.   Bone up on your content – learn about current applications of the content you teach, audit […]

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