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Mistakes Happen

Every new school year, it starts. The new plans for the year, the resolutions, the excited feeling in the pit of my stomach. The beginning of school offers the ultimate do-over, the perpetual clean slate. I know the new year officially begins January 1, but for me, the new year begins the first day of […]

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Teaching 21st Century Learners

By: Renee Shea, a professor at Bowie State University and author of several books. Her latest, The Language of Composition is a fabulous resource for AP English Teachers. After thirty years in the classroom, I was more delighted than surprised to hear Marcus comment, “Hey, I’m teachin’ my teacher!” as he came up to help […]

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Challenging Conventional Wisdom in Teaching

By: Dr. Jeffrey Mulqueen Jeff is the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and Evaluation in the New Britain Public School System (New Britain, CT.) We educators might think about reaching upward, lifting off of our usual gravity-bound world and launching into the beyond. Contemporary education challenges us in ways that only nature and the Wright […]

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