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Mar 30

Why I Quit My Job


A lot of people don’t know this about me but 10 years ago, I quit my job. That’s right, I resigned from being a middle school administrator right as I was about to get a promotion. I had NO job lined up… ZERO income (and did I mention that I had just bought a house???) […]

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Oct 22

Practicing What I Preach


It’s been a pretty tough couple of weeks for me. Not only was I on the road for longer than usual, when I finally returned home, I was faced with a personal crisis for one of my family members. I won’t get into the details because they are beside the point. What I will share […]

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Jul 28

Back to School

Newsletter , Teaching

Getting the kids back to school is a major ordeal for many families. Its also a chance for teachers to renew the possibilities of doing things differently and doing them better….to watch another group of children grow under your direction. Every August we have the chance as educators to think about how we are going to make a difference. This year, think about how Mindsteps can help you do that. This is an excerpt written by Robyn Jackson from the August 2009 Mindsteps Newsletter Series.

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Jun 10

My Summer Reading List

Newsletter , Teaching

Every year around this time, I publish a summer reading list of books I love and that have influenced my way of seeing teaching and leading. Here’s this year’s list: Imagination First:  Unlocking the power of possibility.  By Eric Liu and Scott Noppe-Brandon.  In an age of round-the-clock testing, I was pleased to discover this […]

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