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As a principal or school administrator, we know that observing classrooms, providing constructive feedback to teachers, and encouraging their continued professional development are all part of your core duties. But in order to be effective, it has to be systematic. Sign up for our free email series and we'll provide ongoing tips and best practices, as well as the big-picture context, for establishing better communication with your staff.

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Provide Constructive Feedback to Staff

Help every teacher become a master teacher when you observe classrooms and give feedback. 

About Mindsteps

As a School Administrator, you are under a lot of pressure to improve your school. But, not everyone in your school has the will or skill to make your vision a reality. Mindsteps helps schools and school systems just like you alleviate that pressure and build a great school with the teachers and resources you already haveWith our simple 4-step process, we help you get everyone willing and able to support your vision for your school. No more push-back. No more resistance. You don't have to wait to achieve your vision. 

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