A four-week on-line program that will help you provide meaningful written feedback to teachers in half the time.

Discover how to give teachers powerful ONE thing Feedback that hones in on the root cause of their success or failure in the classroom and gets them focused on doing the RIGHT work to improve their practice.

Give teachers feedback in a way you can immediately overcome objections, eliminates push-back, and ignites teachers to action. 

With this system you can reduce the overwhelm of paperwork and focus on giving teachers written feedback that not only has impact, but builds relationships rather than create animosity, resentment, and hurt feelings.

​You'll learn how to set yourself up for success by getting organized, you'll get templates for writing various types of feedback, and you'll get our tools and strategies for writing feedback quickly and effectively.

​At the end of four weeks, you'll have everything you need to give teachers powerful, meaningful feedback plus you'll get the tools and techniques you need to cut the time you spend to do the paperwork involved in giving feedback in half!

Here's How it Works

Attend a weekly hour long on-line class for four weeks.

A new class will be available each week. Once the class is available you will access to it anytime so that you can listen to it over and over again.

Get access to a private user portal with all the tools, templates, and structures.

We'll also upload tons of bonus content to the user portal including step-by-step instructions for conducting better walk-throughs, strategies for conducting post-observation conversations, our favorite tips for handling difficult conversations and many more tools you will need to implement what you learn right away.

What's the Investment?

Feed-Back Fast-Track Formula

Everything you need to efficiently and effectively provide written feedback to teachers in half the time.

Unlimited Access to Private Portal includes:

  • Complete Feedback Fast-Track Course - Four Modules to designed to get you writing various types of feedback quickly and effectively and build Master Teachers.
  • Access to over 25 templates, resources, and exemplars you can download and use right away.



This program is for you if...

1. You’re a perfectionist (sort of).

You know that giving teachers good feedback is the number one way that you can improve your school and make a real difference in the lives of your students, so you want to get it RIGHT.

That often means that you spend HOURS shaping your written feedback, planning your feedback conversations, and making sure that you give teachers the suggestions, resources, and support they need to improve their practice.

You don’t do it to be anal. You do it because you know it matters and because you care. You know that if you can give teachers the right kind of feedback, you can significantly impact their practice.

2. You want guarantees…

That it will work.

That every second spent on applying the program is going to pay off and deliver on it’s promise.

You’re not interested in quick tricks and tactics. You’re willing to put in the work. You just want to make sure that if you do put in the work, you’re putting your efforts into a proven system that you KNOW will get you results.

3. You care about your teachers…

You’re not just giving them feedback because it’s required by your job. You actually CARE about seeing them improve.

Which is why it is so frustrating when some teachers resist your feedback, or take it the wrong way, or leave your office with hurt feelings. You know that if they just put your feedback into action, they would not only be better teachers and their students would learn more, they would be happier and more fulfilled in their work.

4. You already put in a ton of time into observing teachers, giving them good feedback, providing support, and following up...

You’ve already SHOWN yourself to be committed… but just WISH that all your efforts were more organized and impactful.

You don’t want it to just be about the paperwork. And yet, sometimes the paperwork involved feels a little overwhelming. Not only is it exhausting, but you have a sense that there must be a more efficient way of managing the process that will not only allow you to get into MORE classrooms and provide even MORE feedback, but also allow you to feel BETTER about the work you’re putting in, knowing that you’re actually making a difference.

SO here’s the kicker.

If you experienced any head nods, lightbulbs, or “THAT’S SO ME’s”, then here is some awesome news for you….

… More powerful feedback is closer than you think. Are you ready to safely cross the bridge to more impact, more time, and more satisfaction in your leadership role?


You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you feel that this course is not meeting your needs, just let us know with-in 30 days and we'll send you a prompt refund. No refunds after this time period.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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