Educational Leaders Workshops: Rigor for Educational Leaders

Rigor Workshop for Educational Leaders

It isn’t enough that teachers learn how to implement rigorous instructional strategies, instructional leaders also need to learn how to observe for rigor and give teachers the right kind of support and feedback in order to keep teachers on their journey towards rigor. Learn how with one of these interactive workshops:

Leading the Common Core with Rigor Get this workshop!

Estimated Duration: Full Day
Audience: Principals, Assistant Principals, Instructional Coaches

Learning Objectives:

  • Determine the needs of their schools in order to successfully implement the Common Core through a Gap Analysis.
  • Identify the key instructional shifts demanded by the Common Core and the role of key personnel to ensure that these shifts take place.
  • Develop a comprehensive Implementation Plan from the Gap Analysis through our step-by-step process for transitioning your school to the Common Core.
  • Identify and develop specific leadership and coaching skills required to successfully transition to full Common Core implementation at the building level in a way that actually improves teaching and learning.

This series can be customized according to your district’s implementation process and can also be designed in a cohort model.

Rigor Series for Educational Leaders

If you really want to help your teachers increase the level of rigor of their instruction, instructional leaders need to understand what rigor is, recognize it in the classroom, and give teachers effective feedback.

Estimated Duration: Four full days
Audience: Principals, Assistant Principals, Instructional Coaches, Team Leaders, and Department Chairs

Learning Objectives:

  • What is rigor and how to recognize rigor in the classroom
  • Strategies for conducting walk-throughs and informal observations for rigor
  • Strategies for providing teachers with quality feedback that will help them improve the rigor of their instruction
  • Strategies for helping teachers think more rigorously about their own instructional practices
  • Strategies for helping reluctant teachers master rigorous instructional strategies

Workshop I: “What is Rigor” – Instructional leaders learn what is rigor, the four stages of rigor, and how to recognize the difference between instruction that is rigorous and instruction that is not rigorous.

Workshop II: “Observing for Rigor” – Instructional leaders participate in virtual walkthroughs to learn how to recognize rigorous instruction and how to provide teachers with appropriate feedback that helps them increase the rigor of their instruction.

Workshop III: “Moving Teachers towards Increased Rigor” – Instructional leaders learn how to help all teachers (even the most reluctant of teachers) increase the rigor of their instruction by providing strategic feedback, motivating reluctant teachers, and using a monitoring process that holds all teachers accountable.

Workshop IV: “School-wide Rigor” – Instructional leaders learn how to develop a monitoring and coaching process to help all teachers continuously increase their capacity and willingness to provide all students with rigor and support. Leaders will develop a monitoring and coaching process based on their individual role and school needs and will receive monitoring tools to support them as they work to help all teachers implement rigorous instruction consistently and effectively.

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