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The Student SUCCESS Plan Bundle

The Student SUCCESS Plan Bundle


Prevent more of your students from failing this year with the Student SUCCESS Plan Bundle.


This bundle will help you to develop a proactive approach to supporting struggling students and make a HUGE difference for you and your students this year resulting in less work for you and immediate targeted supports for your students.

Whenever we encounter struggling learners, one of the first things we are taught to do is to create a remediation plan to help them catch up.

On the surface, this seems like a logical approach. After all, students are behind. It makes sense to figure out how to help them learn what they missed before, fill any gaps in their knowledge, and get them up to speed as quickly as possible.

But remediating students this way can actually hurt students more than it can help students.

Remediation efforts have gotten out of control lately. It’s time to go back to the basics. With the Student Success Plan Bundle, you create a plan ONCE and set it into motion with the red flag system as a guide to monitor your students throughout the year.

Move away from remediation and focus on proactive support to prevent more of your students from failing this year.

This System includes:

  • The Red Flag Planning Sheet
  • The Student SUCCESS Formula one-sheet
  • The Supporting Students Strategy Guide [E-book]
  • Catching Kids Up
  • How to Support Struggling Students workbook and Pocket PD

The most effective way to support struggling students is to provide them with supports at the first sign of destructive struggle.

This bundle helps you provide that kind of proactive support by creating supports before, during, and after the lesson. That way, you can catch struggling learners no matter when they begin to struggle and quickly intervene to prevent destructive struggle.

Get this bundle today to start your intervention with struggling students early enough to prevent failure in the first place.