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Never Work Harder than Your Students

Never Work Harder than Your Students


Learn how to rigorously apply the Seven Principles of Effective Teaching to help any teacher become a Master Teacher. A must have book for every teacher.

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Robyn R. Jackson makes a radical assertion: Any teacher can become a master teacher with the right kind of practice and support.

This mindset is achieved by rigorously applying seven principles of the master teacher mindset to your teaching until they become your automatic response to students. The more you practice these principles, the more you begin to think like a master teacher.

Using these seven principles, you’ll learn how to become a master teacher no matter where you are in your practice. Each chapter provides a detailed explanation of one of the master principles, the steps you need to take to apply them to your own practice, and suggestions for how you can begin practicing the principles in your classroom right away. Using practical advice and stories from her own practice as well as from the teachers she’s helped, Robyn shows you how to put these principles in action. Teaching is a hard job, but using these principles will help you and your students reap the rich rewards of that hard work.

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