PD Cohorts

Experience Power in Numbers

Imagine a huge obstacle. One person may not be able to scale it, but as a group, everyone can work together to help one another get to the other side.

That’s how we look at our Mindsteps Cohorts. Obstacles don’t have to feel insurmountable. Overcoming challenges can be made simpler when teaming up with others to reach a common goal.

Whether it’s developing and delivering rigorous instruction or learning how to better motivate reluctant learners, a PD Cohort combines training and support with the power of collaboration to help you and your teams reach new heights. Schedule your cohort here.

We offer customized Cohorts for teachers, administrators and coaches for groups of 10 – 25 participants. Cohorts can last for a single semester or an entire school year.

Teacher Cohorts
Sometimes you need more intensive coaching and training on a particular teaching skill such as boosting rigor, mastering the 7 Principles of Effective Instruction or supporting struggling students. A PD Cohort offers intensive training and coaching on topics central to the group’s focus. Each Cohort includes:

  • Monthly webinars with a Mindsteps Coach
  • Development of a portfolio including lesson plans, student work samples and video-taped lessons
  • Individual coaching and feedback on portfolios and videos
  • Peer review and reflection
  • Two to three on-site trainings
  • One PD presentation teachers can use at their own schools or districts to share their learnings

Administrator Cohorts
Our Administrator Cohorts help principals, assistant principals and aspiring administrators gain the skills needed to become more effective leaders. Administrator Cohorts focus on building capacity to improve the quality of instruction in group members’ schools. Each Cohort includes:

  • Monthly webinars with a Mindsteps Coach on topics including conducting effective walkthroughs, providing meaningful feedback to teachers, conducting post-observation conferences, developing improvement plans, motivating reluctant teachers, and differentiating instructional leadership approaches to meet individual teachers’ needs
  • Resources, monitoring tools and templates
  • Practice conducting walkthroughs and providing effective feedback using real classroom models
  • Individualized remote coaching with strategies for motivating disengaged teachers
  • One to two site visits to provide coaching, conduct walkthroughs and work with your administrative team

Instructional Coach Cohorts
Our Instructional Coaches’ Cohorts focus on empowering coaches to improve teacher performance. Participants learn strategies to better diagnose the root cause of teachers’ instructional challenges, support struggling teachers, motivate reluctant or resistant teachers, and ensure all teachers on their teams are consistently moving towards mastery. Each Cohort includes:

  • Monthly webinars with a Mindsteps Coach on strategies such as conducting strategic conversations, providing effective feedback and customizing coaching to individual teachers’ needs
  • Coaching resources including observation tools and planning tools
  • Practice observing and diagnosing teaching challenges using real classroom footage
  • Development of coaching plans
  • Individualized remote coaching and feedback
  • One to two on-site individual coaching sessions to help coaches work more effectively with teachers

Experience the power of collaborative learning when you create a cohort for your district.