Instructional Leadership: Differentiated Instruction Workshop

Differentiation for Educational Leaders

Differentiation for Educational Leaders

It’s hard to tell sometimes whether teachers are effectively differentiating their instruction. That’s why we’ve developed this workshop to help Instructional Leaders support teachers’ efforts at differentiation over the long-term.

From Differentiation to Customization for Educational Leaders
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Estimated Duration: Customizable based on need
Audience: Instructional Leaders (principals, assistant principals, deans of instruction, coaches, department heads, team leaders, and central office personnel)

Learning Objectives:

  • Conduct walk-throughs that help you quickly assess how well teachers are customizing their differentiated instruction to meet all students’ needs.
  • Identify look-fors and ask-fors that let you know whether teachers are effectively customizing their differentiated instruction.
  • Provide teachers with effective feedback that will help improve their differentiated instruction.
  • Differentiate and customize your own instructional leadership to meet the needs of the teachers you support.
  • Use monitoring tools for differentiated instruction.

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