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Mar 07

Differentiation??? Yes, but… My response to one reader’s comments

Classroom Strategies , Differentiation , Professional Development

The other day, a reader commented on my blog post Four Differentiation Mistakes to Avoid. The comment was long, but this part caught my attention: “Hello Dr. Jackson,Playing devil’s advocate, I see a couple of unsupported statements in the post. For example, you say ?learning style is static.? Do you really think so? But the mention […]

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Oct 05

If your reforms will destroy kids, schools, and teachers, please help the bear.

Educational Reform , Instructional Leadership , Newsletter , Professional Development , Teaching

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about educational reform. Schools are broken, the narrative goes, so we have to do something to fix them. The “something” currently in vogue is a combination of market-based reforms such as merit pay and value-added scores, mixed with a fawning adoration of charters and alternative routes to certification. […]

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May 11

Why getting rid of bad teachers creates more bad teachers.

Classroom Strategies , Professional Development , Teaching

I am becoming more and more distressed by the conversations I am seeing in the national media that blame “bad” teachers for all the ills in society.  Take Newsweek’s March cover that claimed that the key to saving American education was to “fire bad teachers.”  Not only do these messages misappropriate blame and over-simplify the very complex […]

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