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1Teacher Tip: Absent Work Folders

Whether students are missing classes in December due to illness or travel, you’re bound to have more than a few absences throughout the month. Consider creating an Absent Work Folder system either on a bulletin board or crate in your classroom. When you hand out new assignments or return papers, put a copy (with the […]

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Thankful for Classroom Community

In keeping with the Thanksgiving theme this week, take a moment to consider what you’re thankful for in your teaching career. I’m guessing for most of us it isn’t test prep, grading on the weekends or writing college recommendations that makes us thankful, but forming meaningful connections with students and seeing young people grow in […]

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Instructional Strategy: Numbered Heads Together

Once in a workshop I heard a teacher describe a group of five or six kids in her elementary class as “the gorillas” – the crew that always raised their hands and emitted a low “oooh-oooh-oooh” until they were called on.  The gorillas can be wonderful when they keep the discussion moving and reassure us […]

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Teaching Pigs to Sing

I loved my high school drama class and really wanted to participate in the school play. Unfortunately most of the plays were musicals and, while my acting was pretty passable for a 9th grader, my singing is best confined to the shower and solo car trips. Nonetheless, I auditioned and was excited to get a […]

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The Black Hole

Somewhere in every classroom there’s the black hole that is the “no name bin.” Whether your students are six years old or sixteen years old, there’s always someone who can’t remember to put her name on her paper. The no-name syndrome gets worse as assignments become more complex – students answer only part one of […]

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