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Case Study: Rigor and the Common Core

This summer, John (Our Vice President) called one of our clients to schedule some workshops for the year. We’d worked with this particular school district for several years and were familiar with some of their needs, but as is always a part of our process, we asked them to share with us what their current […]

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Case Study: Micro-Slicing

An Alternative to Traditional Walk-Throughs I was visiting a school recently and taking the instructional leaders on classroom walkthroughs as a part of the leadership training we were doing in the district. The purpose of the walkthrough was to help the leaders learn how to distinguish rigorous instruction and provide teachers with effective feedback that […]

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PD Case Study: Rigor at Woodmont High

Because our professional development at Mindsteps™ is fully customizable, how schools implement our work looks different from school to school. While the concepts and principles are the same, how each gets implemented is highly individual to each teacher. Here is how one school has used our workshops  and materials on rigorous instruction* to create a school-wide focus […]

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1Case Study: The Top Five Things Students Want

Every year, we spend time at Mindsteps™ conducting student focus groups with the schools we serve on an ongoing basis. We conduct these focus groups to find out if the work we are doing with teachers and administrators is really making a difference where it counts – with the students. Every year, I am surprised […]

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3PD Case Study: Marta

Marta is an AP Calculus teacher who attended one of my Rigor Workshops over the summer. She wanted to learn strategies for increasing the level of rigor of her course and how to deal with students who struggled with the rigor of AP level work. Throughout the morning, Marta seemed to enjoy learning how to build […]

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Case Study: Instructional Coaches Training

Recently, I conducted a workshop for instructional coaches who wanted to learn more about how to promote and support rigorous instruction in their schools. I had about 150 k-12 instructional coaches at the training and we started the day by looking at some classroom video footage. I asked the coaches to watch each five-minute slice […]

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