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Buildership™ University coming 2021...

Buildership™ University is our private community for school administrators who want to make a dramatic difference in the lives of their students and transform their schools. You’re willing to put in the work, but you want to know that if you do, you’ll see dramatic transformation. You don’t have a lot of time either. You feel a real sense of urgency and you want to see results right away.

Inside the membership you’re going to find everything you need to go from being a leader to being a builder and turning your school into a success story with the people and resources you already have including exclusive online courses, tools you can use right away, and weekly “office hours” where I will personally help you work through your challenges.

Buildership™ University

Buildership™ University will give you the tools, training, and support you need to go from being frustrated, and overwhelmed to confidently achieving your goals for your students. And the best part? You can do it with the people and resources you already have.

Inside Buildership™ University, you’ll get:

World Class Training: Inside Buildership™ University, you’ll find some of our best online courses and masterclasses to help you build new skills quickly and apply them right away to your school. You can take a Masterclass if you want to learn about a discrete topic or dive into one of our self-paced courses where you can take a deeper dive. We are also adding new trainings monthly on topics including:

  • Creating a vision you’re passionate about
  • Getting everyone committed to your school vision
  • Healing toxic school cultures
  • Developing core values
  • Giving teachers feedback they will welcome and implement
  • Helping every teacher grow one level, in one domain, in one year or less
  • Creating built-in accountability systems where everyone does the right thing even when you’re not looking
  • New level, new devil: How to keep will and skill issues from derailing your next initiative
  • Feedback Fast-track Formula
  • Accountability Action Plan
  • And so much more...
Practical Tools: We’ve curated our best tools so you can download them and immediately use them in your school including:

  • Personalized Roadmap (with the exact steps you need to take to transform your school)
  • Templates (so you won’t have to create everything from scratch)
  • Exemplars (so you can see examples of what it should look like)
  • Execution Guides (with step-by-step instructions so that you know you’ re doing it right)
  • Worksheets (to help you think things through and build your own version)
  • Blueprints (so you can map out your next best move)

Troubleshooting Support: You’re not in this alone. Inside Buildership™ University, we have multiple opportunities for you to get additional help and support including:

  • Weekly Office Hours where you can drop in at any time and get immediate answers to your questions.
  • Quarterly Blueprinting sessions to help you map out the next 90 days.

In short, Buildership™ University has everything you need to help you make the leap from leadership to Buildership™ and finally achieve your vision for your school. 

Buildership™ University is the BEST professional learning platform imaginable to go from a leader to a BUILDER.

Buildership™ University is the BEST professional learning platform imaginable to go from a leader to a BUILDER.

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