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Why We Love Educators

It’s teacher appreciation week and we couldn’t resist sharing our own A-Z Guide for why we love educators so much!A – is for your attentiveness. You pay attention to your students and get to know each one personally.B – is for your best self. We love how you manage to give your students your best […]

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The Difference Between Discipline And Punishment

There is a difference between discipline and punishment. Punishment is about eliminating misbehavior. It’s often meted out in frustration and focuses more on gaining (or regaining) control over the student. Discipline on the other hand, is about teaching students the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behavior and helping students make better choices in the future. […]

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20 Signs YOU Might Be a Discipline Problem

One of my favorite definitions of a discipline problem is “whenever a behavior interferes with the teaching act, interferes with the rights of others to learn, is psychologically or physically unsafe, or destroys property” (Levin and Nolan, 1996). That means, not only can students be discipline problems, but we can sometimes be inadvertent discipline problems as […]

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Telescope, Microscope, Periscope, or Stethoscope?

I recently read a post by one of my mentors about the different lenses through which entrepreneurs need to view their businesses and it occurred to me — as educators we have several “lenses” through which we see our work. The challenge is that we must choose the right lens for the right situation. Here’s what […]

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My 3 Top Takeaways from ASCD 2017

I’ve just returned from the ASCD Annual Conference #empower17 and I thought I would share my 3 top takeaways from the conference. Takeaway #1: Personalize, customize, and empowerMore and more I am hearing how important it is to offer students more choice and voice in the classroom. Not only does it empower students to be self-directed […]

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Positional Power versus Personal Power

In this video, Robyn shares a story of a woman who was chasing the wrong kind of power. Watch Robyn explain the difference between positional power and personal power and how you can be a leader no matter where you are. After you watch the video, we would love to hear from you. Which do […]

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Chicago Happens

One Monday morning not too long ago, I boarded a direct flight from Baltimore, MD to Chicago, Illinois. My plan was to land at Midway at 10:15 am, pick up my rental car, drive 20 minutes to a nearby school district, and begin a Differentiation Train-the-Trainers Workshop at 12:30 pm.   It was early, so I […]

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There is Something about January

About mid January, right after the new semester begins and just before the start of testing, something really strange starts to happen in schools all over the world. I experienced it myself as a teacher and then again as a school administrator and now I see it every year in the schools where I serve. People are […]

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