The Problem with Differentiated Instruction
Apr 04

The Problem with Differentiated Instruction


​When you hear the phrase “Differentiated Instruction” what comes to mind first?If you’re like many of the teachers and administrators I work with, you’re probably thinking……Multiple assignments…Extra lesson planning…More work (for the teacher not the students)…Learning styles, multiple intelligences, and learning modalities…Dumbing downIt’s a shame really.Differentiated Instruction is a way to make the learning accessible […]

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Dec 06

Your Biggest PD Challenge (so far…)

Professional Development

Recently, I asked you “When it comes to your own professional development, what is your single biggest challenge or frustration?”The responses ranged from finding the funding for your professional development classes, resources, and trainings to finding good PD that was actually relevant to your area of interest or your specific discipline or field.But the overwhelming […]

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Nov 29

One-size-fits-all Support Doesn’t Work


One of my first contracts as a consultant was to design a support plan for teachers who were struggling to teach Advanced Placement courses for non-traditional AP students. Many of these students had never taken an AP course before and were really struggling with the rigorous material and the fast pace of the course.It’s something […]

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Nov 15

It’s Not About You


If you really want to build true accountability in your school, then you must commit to strategic conversations with teachers.I believe that. But, as I continue to discover in my own work on school boards and some of the schools I serve, practicing what I preach is pretty hard.It is a lot easier to avoid […]

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