AP Training for Teachers Workshops

AP®* Training for Teachers Workshops

Teaching Advanced Placement®* courses requires a nuanced approach, especially if you are working with under-prepared students. Are you looking to help your students master the rigor of AP® courses? Tell us about it.

Here is an example of how our AP® Training for Teachers Series helps you to help your students prepare for AP® testing.

AP® Training for Teachers Series

Estimated Series Length: 4 half-day workshops
Audience: AP® Teachers Grades 9-12

Learning Objectives:

  • Use acceleration and other support strategies to help fill in missing background knowledge.
  • Learn “soft skills” development strategies such as study skills and effective work habits to prepare students for an AP® course.
  • Develop strategies for a distributed review process that will prevent both teachers and students from cramming just before the AP® test.
  • Teach students to manage the pace of an AP® course.
  • Use rigorous instructional strategies to help students “think” like AP® students.
  • Support struggling students through proven approaches.

Here is a sample series itinerary:

Workshop I: “Getting Started”
Learn strategies for set up your AP® courses, including:

  • How to manage the pace of AP® course
  • How to set up distributed review and proactive support cycles

Workshop II: “AP® Instructional Strategies”
Learn AP® instructional strategies, including

  • How to accelerate your instruction to fill in background knowledge
  • How to develop “soft skills” strategies required by most AP® classes
  • How to get your students to “think” like AP® students through rigorous instructional strategies

Workshop III: “Preparing for the AP® Exam Part I”
Learn advanced preparatory approaches, like how to set up a diagnostic exam and other specific prep strategies.

Workshop IV: “Preparing for the AP® Exam Part II”
Learn strategies to get students through the final preparatory push, including key strategies to keep your students calm and confident during the last month prior to the exam.

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