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About Mindsteps:
More Than Just Consultants — Your True Partner

You want a real partner – someone just as frustrated by your challenges and invested in your success. We get it. Our team truly embraces each school and district with which we work – putting the resources you need to achieve mastery within reach. We share your passion and believe every teacher can become a master teacher. It’s not something only attainable by a select few.

We bring our experience in classrooms and administrative offices — plus the added perspective we’ve gained working with schools and districts across the country — to every workshop, book, webinar and tip sheet. We focus on empowering teachers to create lasting change in their students’ lives. And, we work with administrators to effectively support teachers and create communities of excellence within their schools and beyond.

Our professional development programs, bestselling books and actionable resources offer practical, timeless and time-tested strategies that help educators improve instruction, classroom management and learning environments. The result? More confident teachers and effective administrators, increased access to rigorous instruction for all students, early intervention for struggling students and improved student and school achievement.

We’ve helped thousands of teachers and administrators change the way they approach, embrace and deliver effective instruction, and we’d love to work with you. Contact us today and start your journey toward mastery.