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My New Word

In my last post, I talked about how important it is to understand what your word is. Your word is your purpose distilled down to a single word that defines why you do what you do. It’s your own personal why.

In years past, my word has been Options and Mastery. But as my role has changed, so has my word.

My new word is BUILD.

Actually this word has been a huge part of what we do at Mindsteps for quite some time. Everything we offer is designed to build master teachers.

Our rigor series and book show teachers how to build more rigorous lessons.

Our motivation series and book show teachers how to build student motivation while simultaneously building their own motivation.

Our supporting struggling students series and book show teachers how to build proactive supports for struggling learners.

Our books Never Work Harder Than Your Students and You Can Do This are all about how teachers can build their mastery over time.

Even our leadership series is all about how to build master teachers.

We show you how to give feedback that builds teachers up instead of tearing them down.

We show you how to build accountability in a way that doesn’t destroy trust.

Our Supporting Teachers course shows you how to build a solid support system for teachers and our culture course shows you how to build a more collaborative and healthy school culture.

Every tool I design, every book I write, every workshop I create or deliver is focused on one thing – Building educators up so that you can make the difference you came here to make.

I bet there are others of you out there who are also builders. What’s a builder exactly?

I’ll tell you in my next post.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear your guesses about what a “Builder” is. Tell me your guesses in the comments below.