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The Year of Saying “No”


Jan 07


Shonda Rhimes recently wrote a book about her year of saying yes to new experiences and ideas. It was a way for her to expand her viewpoint and open her self up to new experiences. While I applaud her for doing so, it occurred to me that educators such as us have been saying yes for years. Yes to extra duties. Yes to increased class sizes. Yes to draconian measures that rob us of our professionalism. Yes to curriculum changes too numerous to count. It seems that all we do is say yes.

Well this year, I propose that we as educators declare this the year of no.

I’m not talking about going on strike here. I am just suggesting that we stop indiscriminately taking on new stuff and just say no once in a while.

No to curriculum or policy changes that hurt our students.

No to meaningless additional work.

No to negativity about us, our students, and our profession.

No to overwhelm, exhaustion, and disillusionment.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing exactly how you can do that while maintaining your sanity (and your job!). But for now, download our TIP Sheet to learn 10 Things You Can Say No to Right Now to Be Happier and More Productive in the New Year.

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