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Getting Someone to WANT to Improve


What does it take to get someone to WANT to improve? That’s a question I often get from both teachers and instructional leaders more than any other question. The answer is pretty simple. You have to tap into THEIR will drivers.

There are four major will drivers and we all need all four in order to become and stay motivated:

• Autonomy: The need to feel a sense of agency and choice in the things that matter to you.
• Mastery: The need to feel a sense of competence at what matters to you.
• Purpose: The need to feel a sense of meaning and that what you are doing actually matters.
• Belonging: The need to feel a sense of connection and that you matter to other people.

Even though we all need all four will drivers, I’ve discovered over the years that each of us has a dominant will driver. And, if you tap into a person’s dominant will driver, you can get that person unstuck and moving in the right direction.

So, the key to motivating anyone is to tap into their dominant will driver. Next post, I’ll share with you three ways to do just that.

In the meantime, if you’re intrigued by the four will drivers and want to learn exactly how you can begin to tap into the will drivers of your students and your staff, we’re going to dive in deep at both the Motivate Your Students, Motivate Yourself and the Leadership Lab intensives this fall. Join us and learn how to motivate anyone, even your most resistant student or staff member.