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Student Engagement Part I

I recently caught up with my dear friend and colleague Allison Zumuda at the ASCD Annual Conference. We got to talking about student engagement. Everyone says that they want to see more students actively engaged in their learning but few teachers or administrators really understand what true student engagement is or what it looks like.

Allison and I recorded our conversation (check out the video below) and have also included a TIP sheet as well.

This post is the first of a 3-part series on Student Engagement.

Student Engagement Part II
Student Engagement Part III (coming soon)

  • Abena Bailey says:

    Interesting. Just last week I asked learners to discuss an aspect of their learning in pairs. I looked up to see one pair laughing and in deep conversation. When I asked them what they were talking about (assuming it was not the task at hand) they looked confused and said ‘what you asked us to.’ Sometimes engagement can be surprising so we need to be ready for it!

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