Giving the Work Back to Your Students

Principle 7 Tip Sheet: Giving the Work Back to Your Students

By communicating expectations, challenges, and how the work will be evaluated, teachers can create a better learning experience for students and increase the change for student success. Learn from these scenarios to help your students become more accountable for the work they do.

Tip Sheet: Giving the Work Back

  • […] For the empowerment failures, we delegated to students or other adults in the building. We found that Karen had a lot of empowerment failures. Like many well-intentioned teachers, she was trying to fill all the gaps in the building – taking on extra duties outside of her area of responsibility because no one else on her team seemed to be stepping up. As a result, she was burning herself out. So, we identified areas she needed to delegate to other members of her team. Then we looked for areas where she was working harder than her students and worked on strategies to give the work back to her students. […]

  • […] that we spent part of the workshop talking about the root of students’ sense of entitlement and strategies for helping them develop better work, study, and learning habits.  We talked about how teachers […]

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