Professional Development for Educators: PD that makes a Difference

Professional Development

Your Path Toward Mastery

“There are tons of workbooks out there that can help kids pass tests. Mindsteps teaches the strategies that help teachers instruct kids more effectively and create lasting impact on student behavior.” Gerry Charlebois, Executive Director of Advanced Academic Services, Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District

We couldn’t have said it better. While school and student performance will continue to be measured against standards, the path to excellence requires more than checking a box or meeting a minimum requirement. Our professional development programs go beyond test scores and school rankings—focusing on empowering lasting change that supports classes to come. Mindsteps works with you to create a culture around continuous improvement, accountability and mastery in your school.

Working in districts large and small, affluent and underserved, and urban and rural, we know that schools are as unique as the students and communities they serve. That’s why our professional development programs are uniquely customized to your needs. We begin every engagement by listening. We ask lots of questions to get to the bottom of your unique challenges and to identify the resources you already have in place. Then, we design a professional development program that leverages your strengths and addresses your difficulties.

Schedule a time to share your challenges with us and get started on your journey toward mastery.