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Mindsteps Consulting:
Your Partner in Educational Excellence

All too often, consultants are hired to help bolster a school system yet do little to consider the nuances of the situation, the culture of the school or district, and the attributes of the teachers and administrators. They insist their system provides the golden key — the answer to every challenge for every teacher, leader and student. They expect you to throw out the good with the bad and start from scratch.

We respectfully disagree. While we know our principles of effective instruction make a difference across the board, how they’re applied is different in every district, school and classroom.

There is no need to start from scratch. Together, we look at your existing strategies and build on them to set students up for success. We honor your knowledge base and provide recommendations for supplemental ways to support, intervene and remediate struggling students. We help you get to the core of student achievement. Our consulting services range from short-term engagements that help you tackle a specific issue, to more long-term relationships where we help you deal with more complex systemic challenges.

Consider us your partner as you walk the path toward mastery. We are here to offer guidance and encouragement, to troubleshoot and strategize with you, and to provide the kinds of tools that make an immediate difference and bring lasting change. Get started now.

Our Consulting Services include:

Implementing Teacher or Principal Evaluation Systems
We help you unpack your district or state evaluation system, develop ways to roll out the system to teachers and administrators, and help you implement the system with fidelity.

Common Core Planning
Implementing the Common Core Standards with fidelity takes more than simply rewriting lessons and tests. It takes a careful unpacking of the standards and developing a comprehensive plan that considers all the nuances and challenges of moving to an entirely new way of teaching. We show teachers and instructional leaders how to implement the Common Core in a way that simplifies the process, honors your school culture and builds on your own capacity.

Professional Development Planning
Our consultants will visit your school or district and evaluate your professional development needs. From there, we will help you develop and implement a customized and comprehensive professional development plan.

School Improvement Planning
Many schools struggle with how to increase student achievement. Our consultants will work with you to help identify organizational challenges, examine data, set attainable and measurable goals, and implement a school action plan focused on improving student achievement

Creating Rigorous and Equitable Instructional Programs
We help you develop a more rigorous instructional program, create a comprehensive pre-AP or AP program, and put structures in place to develop a college-going culture.

A fresh set of eyes can make a big impact. Schedule a free call and experience the power of a true consulting partner.