Moving from Individualization to Customization

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Jul 25

Share with students the goal of the lesson and give students several choices as to how they can meet that goal.  Discuss with students the pros and cons of each approach so that students can make intelligent decisions.  Show students how to take into account their learning style preference, their resources, the amount of time they have available, and their skill set when making these choices.

Demonstrate to students several different ways that they can solve a problem or complete an assignment. Discuss with students the advantages and disadvantages of each approach and allow them to choose which approach they will take.  Ask them to explain their choice as a part of the assignment.

Download this Tip Sheet:  Developing Culturally Competent Classrooms

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[…] Differentiating by learning style versus learning needs. Not every lesson you give will accommodate students’ preferred learning style – nor does every lesson need to. Our time is better spent examining students’ particular learning needs for each assignment and using their learning needs to identify and provide the support and scaffolding they need to be successful. Learning styles are static while learning needs constantly change and shift depending on students’ current content and procedural knowledge. They give you a much more accurate picture of where students are currently and what you must do to help them successfully master a range of standards and skills. (For more on creating customized learning pathways for students, check out our workshop From Differentiation to Customization). […]

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